Pink DI Maggio Baseball Jacket

DiMaggio Jacket – Pink


For the funky furbaby this winter! 

  • Lightweight, velvety fleece lining to keep warm in winter without hindering movement.
  • Easy care – means you can wash them again and again. Truly excellent for the diggy doggies!

These affordable winter jackets are excellent for active dogs that love to run, roam and snuffle around the park. 

Modelled here by Bella and Abbey – you can read their reviews below..

Click HERE to see the Blue DiMaggio Jacket for more photos & reviews. 

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Product Description

Bella & Abbey loved the Di Maggio baseball jackets! 

They were very trendy & stylish which got the girls lots of good comments and extra attention from people on their walk. They loved it!

The material of the jackets were really good quality which made them very soft, comfortable and flexible.

We loved the jacket design and how easy it was to do up with the buttons on the top.

The jackets had a nice combination of colours.

We particularly liked the pink & black jacket as it suited their girly personalities and wasn’t as easy to get dirty as the light blue & white jacket.

Thankyou very much for these wonderful jackets! They will keep us very snug over the winter


  • Chest – 42cm
  • Neck – 29cm
  • Length – 30cm


  • Chest – 47cm
  • Neck – 32cm
  • Length – 35cm


  • Chest – 52cm
  • Neck – 35cm
  • Length – 40cm

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Chihuahua-ish, Terrier-ish, Pug-ish


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